The main objective of mobile forensics is to obtain information from mobile devices with the intention of coming up with strategies for enhancing them. Although they can simplify daily lives of many through facilitating communication and entertainment, these devices can also incorporate the highest level of security risks to both individuals and organizations in the way they are used.


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Consequently, they are also considered to be important tools when tracking crimes and criminals. This research is being conducted with the aim of determining the validity of the stated tools on blackberry forensics. As the revolution in the technological world continues to shape the modern world, more refinements to enhance the user’s interests and tastes have come in handy.

Thus, mobile telephony devices have been not left behind. They are being developed each day with enhanced features such as camera, personal digital assistance and the global positioning systems. Although these features have been tailored to meet user’s needs, they have simplified criminals activities of committing crimes without being physically being available at the crime scene.

Moreover, it has challenged the abilities of law enforcers to track down them as they can predict the movements of the police using modified technologies. The null hypothesis in this case therefore, states that the tools used in mobile forensics are not effective as the authorities have not yet managed to combat these crimes. The alternative hypothesis, on the other hand, indicates that these tools are effective and only need to be updated with the changing technology.

Expected Results

In this research, it is not possible to come up with an ultimate and unequivocal conclusion. This owe to the fact that the tools used in mobile devices tracking are evolving on a daily basis, with the changing technology. This is why the challenge of security is on the rise even as new methods of curbing this challenge are being developed.

The mobile device developers create new ideas daily for the purposes of improving communication, while criminals, on the other hand, are using these devices to improve on their crime rates. Besides, each group employs creativity, in ensuing that the technology invented advances its interests https://youressayreviews.com/category/essay-writing-reviews/.

In conclusion to this research, it would be appropriate to consider the null hypothesis since most of the proofs obtained indicate that the crime resulting from using mobile devices is outdoing the intended application.


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This explains why forensic personnel need to go back to the drawing table and come up with new methods of curbing mobile crimes besides the use of the mobile devices. Alternatively, these experts have the option of studying the operations of the criminals keenly and come up with measures to counter these operations. This means that they should develop different strategies for dealing with crimes such that if one strategy fails a backup strategy is recalled.